Helpful Information for Our Patients

In an effort to make sure your visit to the office goes smoothly, we've put together some important information to assist you.


**New patients please arrive 15 minutes early, so that we can process your paperwork and coordinate insurance benefits.


**Please bring all your medications with you to each appointment, as medications can change from doctor to doctor, and visit to visit.


**ALL patients MUST bring their health insurance card with them to their appointment for verification purposes.


**Walk-ins are welcome (established patients only), although without an appointment, sometimes the wait can be a little longer.


**We ALWAYS try to accomodate sick patients within 24 hours...preferably the same day, whenever possible.


**We have lab techs available ALL DAY, EVERYDAY to perform lab draws, when necessary.  It is not necessary to make an appointment for a lab draw that has been ordered by Dr. Ching.


**If you are in need of a medication refill, we have found it quickest and easiest for you to contact your pharmacy and request a refill.  They will then make an electronic request via computer.  Please allow 3-5 days for medication refills, although most are completed more quickly.  It is best to request the refill while you still have at least five days of medication in the bottle.


In the event of an emergency, and you need medical attention after hours, you should go the nearest hospital, or urgent care center.  We have a physician on call 24 hours a day to assist you, and is available through our 24 hour answering service.

We accept assignment on MOST major insurances, including Medicare.  Please contact your insurance carrier to verify that we are "In- Network" providers before your first appointment.


Organization Phone Number
Poison Control Centers 1-800-222-1222
Emergency Services & Fire Department 911
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 1-800-CDC-INFO
Adult Protective Services  210-333-2004
Child Protective Services